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Sabrina R. Williams has served in Christian Ministry for over 40 years as she began building up the Kingdom of God in word and deed even as a child. Sabrina has been a faithful servant of the Body of Christ in multiple capacities, beginning in the “ministry of helps” including domestic support services, meals and food services, fundraising, ushering and greeting guests. She served for many years as a Sunday School teacher, youth leader, Choir Director, Praise and Worship leader and evangelism. Sabrina currently serves in local and foreign missions, as well as in the preaching and teaching of God’s word.


In addition, Sabrina R. Williams has worked and served in the area of Education for over 25 years. After years of teaching several grade levels in public Elementary Education and working with children and students from diverse ethnicities and economic backgrounds, Sabrina was led to start her own school. In 1999 Sabrina founded Excell Academy for Higher Learning, Inc. She has served as the Executive Director and Chief Education Officer of Excell Academy for Higher Learning Charter School since its first year of operation in 2001.


With Sabrina’s leadership, Excell Academy has earned the Minnesota Department of Education’s school finance award for eight years.


Sabrina’s leadership has trained and developed a team of competent, caring educators and support staff who have helped educate Excell’s growing student body - from 65 kindergarten through fourth grade students in 2001 to approximately 500 preschool aged through eighth graders today.


Sabrina R. Williams’ goal in life is to fulfill the plan, purpose and calling that has been assigned to her by her Heavenly Father. Her personal mission is to please the Almighty God. Sabrina understands that “only what you do for Christ will last.”



First Lady Sabrina R. Williams is the wife of Bishop Thomas R. Williams – who is the founder and Senior Pastor of Mighty Fortress International Ministries in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Bishop Tom and Sabrina have three beautiful children , in whom they are very proud of and blessed to be entrusted with.


Sabrina R. Williams is the youngest of ten children born by her amazing mother,  to whom Sabrina is forever grateful and thankful for being the most loving mother a child could ever desire.


Sabrina R. Williams has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biblical Studies as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has also earned Master of Education Degrees in Curriculum and Instruction and Gifted, Talented and Creative Education from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sabrina has also been educated in school finance and business management. She is continuing higher education in the areas of Multiculturalism, Business Administration, and 21st Century Christianity.


Biography of Sabrina R. Williams