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Living – Daily Worshippers 24/7

Grace and Truth Witnessed in Our Lifestyle

Led by the Spirit of God not our Fleshly Nature

Engaged in bringing the community to Christ

Life-Givers who Honor and Value all People


Drawn to the Goodness of God and His Glory

Word Centered and Holy Spirit Controlled

Supernaturally Empowered & Equipped Through the Word

Concerned About Building up our Spirit Person

God’s Word is the Final Authority in our Lives

Generous Givers and Livers in God’s Kingdom

Respectful of Leadership and Authority

Being Transformed and Motivated by Love

Being Gospel Inspired and Kingdom Focused

Being Relationally Connected as Family

Being Stretched to Grow Our Faith

Being Energized toward Dreams and Destiny

Being Respectful of the Diversity others

Respectful of all Ethnicities and Cultures of People

Servants in our Church and Community  


Steadfast, Unmovable, Loyal, Stable, Reliable, Well Adjusted, Competant

Core Values